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New Life is dedicated to building opportunities for those interested in the cannabis industry. As part of those efforts we have collaborated with Green Huddle, a grass roots organization in Oakland that helps individuals establish equity requirements and build business plans. 

We are happy to provide a turn key solution to your cultivation start-up. Why re-invent the wheel, when we have set the standard! Lets work together and grow communities!

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Meet the Farmers

Stennis Scruggs

Stennis, affectionately known as "Tap," is New Life's lead cultivator. He is native of Oakland and proudly hails from a family of farmers. Stennis brings the wisdom of his Grandma Woo to his cultivation practice. When not tending to cannabis, he enjoys tending to his home garden, in East Oakland, where he grows sweet greens. 

Carlton Williams

Carlton's first grow was an indoor ebb and flow system that he built himself in his backyard shed. He loves tending to each plant, watching them grow and seeing other's enjoy the fruits of his labor. His passion for the opportunity in cannabis led him to establishing New Life's "meet the farmer" program- providing opportunity for Oakland farmers to join the New Life cultivation team. 

Meet the Artists

Sole Junkie

Winter Alexandria

Akeem Raheem

Pancho Peskador