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Cutting edge technology

We use the Aessence grow system, a cutting edge cultivation system that combines a hydroponic grow with revolutionary software. 

The Aessence offers growers:

  •  Precision aeroponics that increases yields by 40%.
  • Remote access automation. 
  • Fast turnaround that enables 6 harvests per year per room.
  • Savings in water (90%), nutrients (70%), no soil or waste (100%), no pesticides (100%)

Aeroponics vs. Hydropincs?

Aeroponic systems are a specialized version of hydroponics where the roots of the plant extend only in air and the roots are directly sprayed with a nutrient water mix.  The primary difference is the availability of oxygen to the roots.  In hydroponics, one has to be sure to supply oxygenated water.  Standing water gets depleted of oxygen over time.  In aeroponics, oxygen is surrounding the roots at all times.  Surplus oxygen accelerates nutrient absorption at the root surface. When this is combined with sensor technology and dynamic nutrient recipe dosing, plant growth is superior and ultra pure.

Meet the Farmers!

Cultivating is bringing new life to folks who were negatively impacted by the war on drugs. When you support our flower, you are supporting a person's life change. We look forward to sharing our farmer stories- this is more than growing flower, we are growing community. 

Meet the Farmers