About Us

Our Mission

New Life CA aims to hold the torch for racial and economic equity while being dubbed a leader in raising cultivation standards. We are bringing opportunity to a community that was largely affected by the war on drugs through the cultivation of cannabis. In addition we have made it our mission to provide our clients with top quality, organic flower through cutting edge grow technologies. Along with providing up to date education on responsible use of cannabis to our communities.

Our History

We started in 2014 as a Medical Marijuana Delivery Service that  operated under the collective model. We began operations in Oakland and Fresno, CA. During our delivery journey we encountered the inconsistencies of cultivation; ranging from spotty lab testing, poor bud structures to poorly controlled grow environments. These experiences ignited our passion for becoming honest farmers that saw cannabis as a conduit for change. 

Meet the founder

Carlton D Williams has been owner and operator for Oakland and the surrounding Bay Area since 2014. He is a proud multi-generational native of Oakland, CA. Born at Highland Hospital and raised through out East Oakland. Castlemont High School is his Alma Mater and his heart is dedicated to creating opportunity for his community in “deep East Oakland.”